Our Vision

To form a global community of opinion leaders from the fields of arts, science and business who will act as an inspirational platform for a desirable and sustainable future life on this planet.

Our Mission

To develop a club with international members who cultivate empathy for the living and for nature, as well as for socially, economically and culturally attractive new solutions in the face of current challenges. To bring together professionals from a diverse range of disciplines who continually address the essential question of our time: How can humanity once again be in positive equilibrium with the global bio- and geosystem? 

We inspire Change

Arts and Nature Social Club

Our planet is changing dramatically.
Much of it is man-made.

“Even though the consequences stemming from a lack of sustainability (such as ongoing climate change, the loss of biodiversity, or increasing migration), are obvious, our political and economic policy-makers around the world do not act accordingly. Because they do not dare to question the present international economic order not least promoting injustice and the destruction of the environment. The great challenge we are faced with calls for a shift in our highly complex and globalized world, one towards systemic change, a new order focused much more strongly on the wellbeing of humanity and the environment including all other forms of life than it does today. The solutions that have been proposed for years are being implemented far too slowly and half-heartedly.

We are convinced that humanity has the intellectual and technical capabilities to realize such a change. Therefore, we would like to provide an inspirational stimulus to the public discourse by connecting existing thoughts and measures: for a consistent shift towards systemic change.”

German Chapter of the CLUB OF ROME, 50 Years Club of Rome

Arts and Nature Social Club


We are convinced that curiosity, sensitivity and a more open encounter of the individual with nature can contribute to future-proof solutions. We are optimistic that people will change their destructive behavior step by step if they develop more empathy and a sense of belonging for their life giver, planet earth.

Our world, which is dominated by urbanization, machinisation and uncontrolled growth, often makes it difficult for us to access the most primitive forms of existence.

The Arts & Nature Social Club wants to revive this often neglected relationship with nature and the interactions between art, nature and human coexistence. In a family circle there are many opportunities for the members to have intellectual and aesthetic-cultural dialogue. Encounters with artists, curated travel experiences and diverse scientific contributions expand our perception and understanding of the state of the world, our role and our responsibility.


Answers to the core question:
"How does humanity become a constructive part of the global geo-biosystem again?" can and should help to solve the problems of our time.

This central question is being addressed through a stimulating exchange of ideas, based on lectures, workshops, and educational trips within the framework of a diverse program, curated by our active members and speakers. For this purpose, artistic, scientific, and economic views and approaches are being discussed on a regular basis. Our international network of chapters, composed of opinion-leaders and decision-makers, thereby cultivates these stimuli aimed at bringing about a change of heart together with a proactive approach towards a world that works for all.

Club Program

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Artists in Residence

The ANSC artist in residence programme invites artists from the fields of music, literature or visual arts to explore the core question of our organisation in a natural context: "How can humanity become a constructive part of the global geo-biosystem again? At the Alsatian Retreat Center LA MAISON DES TEMPS the artists spend several weeks with their projects, which are then introduced to ANSC members from all over Europe.

Patrons and Partners

club of rome

Deutsche Gesellschaft

Club of Rome

The German Society Club of Rome (DGCOR) and the Arts & Nature Social Club (ANSC) cooperate in the implementation of the Club of Rome Salons. Through the Salons, the DGCOR promotes sustainable action and encourages reflection in the spirit of the Club of Rome worldwide, which has been calling for a change of consciousness in consideration of planetary boundaries since its founding in 1968.


Gordon Debus

Director Hotel de Rome, Berlin

From the very beginning Gordon Debus of the Rocco Forte hotel group, supported our ambition and our work. We are thankful to call Hotel de Rome, a five star hotel, the home of the ANSC in Berlin. Not only our club room is located in this beautiful, historical former bank building, also our salons take place in their grand Opera Court.


Choeze Kuchen Rinpoche

Tibetan Lama

His holiness is a convinced supporting member and spiritual partner of the Arts & Nature Social Club. 2020 Rinpoche will take part at our Salon to the topic “happiness”.


Eric Wahlforss

Founder Soundcloud/Cleantech Entrepreneur

Eric and his wife Sofie Wahlforss have been supporting our endeavour and idea since minute one. Thank you for your generosity.



Online Platform

Murat Suner’s and Jossi Reich’s plattform FairPlanet publishes relevant independent journalism on human rights and our natural habitat, supports journalists, humanitarian projects, activists and involves its readers from all over the world for a good cause. Fair Planet has been the first supporting members generously financing our activities.


Frida Gold

Alina Süggeler und Andreas Weitzel

Since the very early formation phase of the ANSC the successful German pop duo operates as a supporting member. Numerous ANSC events have been accompanied and supported by their touching musical work as well as their philosophical worldviews.

Norman Mark

Norman Mark

Hommage Luxury Hotels Collection

Norman Mark from the Hommage Luxury Hotels Collection has supported our vision and work in the Upper Rhine region from the very beginning. We are grateful to be able to call the Maison Messmer, which he runs, the five-star home of the ANSC / Baden. With a unique panorama of the city of Baden-Baden, our Club Room is located in the penthouse and our large salons will be hosted in the historic Malersaal.

Advisory board


Johannes Roggendorf

Business Development

Johannes is founder and CEO of Medwing, a dynamic HR startup in the healthcare segment.


Dirk Staudinger

Culture & Communication

Dirk is Johann‘ s long standing business partner with the Circle Culture Group. He is not only the co-owner of the Circle Culture art gallery, he is also CEO of Circle Culture Consulting. Dirk is a leading specialist in innovation, branding, new product development. All consulting services base on profound cultural knowledge and opinion leader expertise. For the ANSC Dirk is a precious consultant in curatorial questions and communications strategies.


Joerg Geier

Science Communication

Joerg focuses on activities and formats in the areas of impact investing, sustainable innovation, and start-up ecosystems. This includes consulting projects and member- ships in the Club of Rome (German Chapter and international). He supports the develop- ment of strategic partnerships for Lucid, a digital agency, and, a platform for digitalization and impact. Previously, he was Director of Executive Education at Cambridge University‘ s Judge Business School.


Kari Albermann


Kari has been and is closest collaborator to media mogul Hubert Burda for many years. He disposes of a strong network in media and industry.


Dirk Hamann


Dirk Hamann is partner at the international law firmHerbert Smith Freehills. He specializes in the sectors natural ressources, infrastructure, energy and healthcare. Dirk is an adviser to the Bundesrepublik Deutschland as well as to strategic industrial companies and finance investors. He is a member of the German section Club of Rome and a passionate art collector.


Cheyann Benedict

Los Angeles Chapter

Cheyann is a noted fashion entrepreneur and writer living in West Hollywood, Los Angeles. She co-founded the iconic t-shirt company, C&C California. Cheyann takes care of the initial development of the Arts & Nature Social Club South California.


Thorsten König

Music, sports, entertainment expert

Thorsten is Ceo and founder of Miracle Music & Entertainment and former Managing Director at Universal Music. As a global advisor for major artists, athletes, brands and products he brings an A-level network to the idea of the Arts & Nature social Club.


Lili Jassemi

Community Building

Born to Iranian parents in Germany, Lili has spent the last 13 years living and working in France, Belgium, the U.K., as well as some Middle Eastern countries which gave her a deep understanding about respective local political, economic and social contexts. Lili is a dedicated entrepreneur with international experience in the consulting of politics, business & cultural institutions. A former art gallery co-founder & manager in London, she is now based in Berlin and a doctoral researcher in Business Ethics and focuses on trust and community building in organizations. Her interdisciplinary and holistic approach bridges the gap between management, art and philosophy to find solutions to leadership and organizational challenges of the complex VUCA world.

Manuel Kistner

Manuel Kistner


Manuel has more than 20 years of entrepreneurship experience with focus on innovation, digitization and digital ventures. He is a serial founder (Clever Elements GmbH, Edison Newton GmbH, Nordpol, Cogenius, HY, et al.), consultant and keynote speaker. He has worked with numerous medium and big-sized companies across all industries. Manuel has been living in Berlin since 2010. He has witnessed the transformation of Berlin (including the beginnings of the startup community) and is inspired by the resilience of the city. In between he left Berlin to travel the world for 4 years. It’s hardly surprising that he loves exploring new places. His passion has always been aviation. Since 2018 he has been living in Berlin again with his family.

Executive board

El Alaoui

Alexander El Alaoui

Vice Chairman of the board

Alexander is an analyst with experience in the non-profit and financial sector. He's genuinely enthusiastic about climate and sustainability issues, and uses his knowledge to develop and implement sustainable investment criteria into investment decision making. Alexander is managing the sustainability fonds of Salm Salm private bank and managed one of the world's first international climate litigation cases.


Johann Haehling von Lanzenauer

Chairman of the board

For the past 15 years, Johann Haehling von Lanzenauer as a gallery owner has had the privilege to get to know and study the philosophical worldviews of dozens of influential artists from up close. This experience has honed his holistic perspective on life and the world, calling him for a strong commitment to our nature. He is co-owner of a creative strategy consultancy that conducts opinion leader communication for some of the world's largest brands and institutions. As such Johann drawns on two decades of experience to maximize impact with cultural communication and innovation. Johann developed the Arts & Nature Social Club concept and brings it to life with a fantastic group of engaged people. As his mission for life he keeps the spirit and vision of this organisation alive and extends the network globally.


Emily Andreae

Head of finance

Emily is a profiled health industry entrepreneur with ties to politics and a broad industrial network. Emily is a door opener to different entrepreneurial and political cirlcles for the ANSC.


David Wortmann

Head of politics & media

David Wortmann is the owner and managing director of the consulting agency DWR eco GmbH. He has extensive expertise in fields of business development, public affairs, public relations and strategic consulting in environmental technologies, renewable energy and sustainable development. Wortmann started working in the field of clean tech and renewable energies back in 2000 and is well connected across various sectors of the industry worldwide.


How can I become a member?

If you are interested to join our organisation please contact us at - we will provide you with a digital application form:


Arts & Nature Social Club
Rocco Forte Hotel de Rome
Behrenstrasse 37
10117 Berlin

For institutional partnerships, brand collaborations and press inquiries please contact

Founder & Chairman of the board: Johann Haehling von Lanzenauer
Executive board: Alexander El Alaoui, Emily Andreae, David Wortmann